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Selling My Car In Houston

The time had come when I was due for a new car. I did not have the time to list my car in the classifieds, and was not happy with the low amount of money the dealer offered. With my old car not being good for my 55 mile commute to work, I needed something fast, but did not want to get ripped off by having to take a low price for my old car. I did not think I had many choices, until I found Cash For Cars Houston.

I was initially worried since I had an older model car, but Cash For Cars took it with no problem at all. They take any car from any time period, so do not be afraid to take your car down there to get a deal done. The transaction was fast and I was given an excellent price for my car. The best part was I was paid in cash. Since I have had some banking issues lately, I prefer to not have to get checks, so this was perfect.

After talking with the owner, I realized they have been in business for many years. They also are focused on running an efficient business that is environmentally conscious. It was a shame I did not hear of them sooner. Hopefully, other people will learn from my mistake and get in touch with Cash For Cars.

The owner also told me they specialize in junk cars, which was perfect for my brother's old beaten down car, just sitting in the driveway. He was looking to get rid of it for weeks, but no one was willing to offer a fair price for it. Cash For Cars gave him a good price and a deal was made. They were even willing to tow it from the house for free. Overall, I would highly recommend Cash For Cars in the Houston area if you are looking to sell or junk a car. In the past, I felt like I was getting taken advantage of, but not at Cash For Cars. My only regret is not finding them sooner.