Cash for Cars Houston: Hassle Free Used Car Purchasing

Cash for Cars Houston is a Texas based company that makes disposing of used, unwanted vehicles a stress free, private transaction. Contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to consult with you. We’ll negotiate a reasonable price, come to your home or office to retrieve the vehicle and hand you cash.


Getting rid of an unwanted vehicle is not as easy as it may appear. Often you have to lose money on the deal, accepting a lot less cash than you deserve. You may have to choose between your financial circumstances versus the overall condition of the car. If you need cash now you could find a dealer that’s more than happy to take advantage of your situation. He’ll give you cash, but may deduct expenses like having the car removed.


We at Cash for Cars Houston have above board, straightforward policies when it comes to dealing with customers. We negotiate a price based upon the model, the year and the condition. We come get the vehicle. We give you cash.


We accept nearly all makes and models. Cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, we take them in all conditions. That’s including broken down, damaged or totally junked automobiles. There are no secrets hidden in the fine print, no hassle about how the vehicle will be removed or how long you’ll have to wait to receive any payment. Cash for Cars Houston has a streamlined system with no hassles.


We’ve been in business for two decades. That’s twenty years of experience buying cars, providing a service that saves our customers aggravation and time. There is absolutely no cost to our customers when dealing with Cash for Cars Houston. We are environmentally conscious. Expect Cash for Cars Houston to use only green friendly methods for disposing of vehicles. You shouldn’t have to be a used car salesperson to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. Avoid the bother of finding the right buyer. Cash for Cars Houston is ready to maximize your experience. Contact us, negotiate a price and have the car promptly removed. It’s as easy as that.

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